Who am I?

I’m Lohan Grobler, the heart and soul behind Proud Creations.
I started off doing illustrations for well known advertising agencies. A passion that I still enjoy doing today.

I now mainly focus on the design and development of websites for companies that require a ‘tool’ to either create awareness, or sell products/services online.

How do I do it?

I analyze your business from a marketing perspective, then provide a strategy best suited to get your brand or product visible to your target market.

With SEO, website content, Pay per click campaigns, E-commerce and Social media marketing and various other methods, I drive relevant traffic to your site and maintain a good online reputation with regular maintenance.
Using creative graphic design, illustrations, photography and animated promotional videos, my digital marketing strategies make you stand out from your competitors.

A very important part of Digital Marketing is that all the efforts online can be tracked and analysed. Therefore I give a monthly performance report on the traffic generated, what their behaviour was, and where they came from. This summary report enables us to also see if our strategies are working and if we need to make adjustments to make it more effective.

See your online presence grow with Proud Creations’ Digital Marketing. Contact us today.

Typical working day

What is online marketing and what is the best way to do it?
Despite the fact that online marketing has been around for about 16 years now. It is still pretty hard to find proper answers to those questions, isn’t it?

Some people tell you that online marketing is just about having a nice website. And these days such websites also need to be responsive. In other words optimised for mobile devices.

Other people will claim all you really need is SEO (Search engine optimisation). A set of techniques that can help your website to get better results in major search engines.

Go PPC is what you will also hear. Advising you to invest in Pay Per Click campaigns to support the search results.

And who hasn’t heard about Social Media yet. There is an opinion that the only marketing you need is your online presence and content creation on major social networks.

So who is actually right? Well in fact, none of these statements are entirely correct. Since what you really need is a Strategy. An essential document that defines how to interconnect all the marketing channels to work together in a perfect synergy. Because that is the only way on how to reach your goals, improve your business effectively, and save you money.

We will analyse your current business state, carefully prepare a custom marketing strategy exactly for your needs. And finally help you manage all the channels of your marketing mix.

So stop wasting your money on bad dicisions and contact us.