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At Proud Creations, we’re not just about crafting captivating narratives; we’re about creating clarity and focusing your brand’s voice like a laser beam. Our storytelling is more than design and words; it’s a bespoke journey, a custom-made experience where every syllable, every pixel, and every stroke of creativity is a deliberate act of creation by uttering words into the world. We believe that in the symphony of brand narratives, clarity is the conductor, guiding us to know exactly what we aim to achieve. Focus, on the other hand, is the spotlight, illuminating the path to reach those goals. With clarity and focus as our guiding stars, we orchestrate stories that resonate, leaving indelible marks in the hearts and minds of your audience. Welcome to Proud Creations, where we transform words into wonders and brands into legends, with clarity as our compass and focus as our driving force.

Digital Marketing

For many people searching for your product or services, your website is their very first encounter to your business. To find out if you are utilising the online market correctly… Ask yourself these questions.:

  • Does your website represent your company accurately?
  • Does your website portray the correct message instantly?
  • Do you attract the correct target market to your website?
  • Do you convert visitors to customers?
  • Do you provide a platform for visitors to keep engaged with your business?
  • What are you doing differently to stand out from the crowd?
  • Are you tracking and analyzing the activity on your website and adapting to the ever changing online trends?
  • What actions are you taking in your digital marketing campaigns to run at an optimal level?

Most small to medium businesses can not afford to employ a full time marketing specialist, designer and web developer. Proud Creations makes use of creative and innovative ideas and methods to represent your company professionally and accurately online. Visitors instantly ‘get’ what you do with a simplified, easy to understand animated video or sliders. With clear call to actions, we ensure easy ways for potential customers to keep engaged with your business. All the online activity gets tracked, analyzed and adjusted continuously. We then give you a monthly report for you to see your return on investment. So… in a nutshell, there are many people looking for your products or services at this very moment. We just provide the digital pathway for them to find you, and engage with you. While always keeping track of every movement to analyze and make improvements.

We provide a full Digital Marketing package at an affordable rate, that includes the following:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Hosting and Domain registration
  • Strategic Planning
  • Website updates and maintenance
  • Blog Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay per click campaign management
  • Monthly return on investment report

Other services offered:

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